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Roots of Ruth
Teenage Ministry for Girls 12-18yr
(Roots)to become established;to have a basis or origin in something;to
become fixed, embedded, or immobile, or cause somebody or something
to become fixed, embedded, or immobile
Scripture: Book of Ruth

  • Enriching to fulfill their God give purpose.
  • Empowering to set high goals and standards
  • Strengthened during adolescence to make wise decisions

Our program is Christian & Bible Based; Positive interaction in
the lives of teenagers. Open to any between the ages of 12-18
years of age. Some of the things we have planned for this
ministry is Mentoring and Guidance with a personal approach,
Focus on Education, helping them understand the importance
at early age, Self-Confidence with things on how to take care of
your body and respect for yourself,  Dealing with peer
pressure, Everyday problems that may arise in the life of a
teenage girl, Simply being there as someone they can talk
to/confide in, scripture readings and discussions, praying, Fun
Outings, Long term relationship building with positive teens,
Book Readings that are Bible and Christian based pertaining to
teens and holy living, and more as God places them in our
hearts to deliver.

They deal with so much.. How they
handle things at this age if not dealt with
can be detrimental to their future. Its my
prayer that from this ministry they will
grow to be productive women , enjoying
their life, while loving the Lord their God
with all heart, soul, and mind. I look
forward to being a blessing in their lives.

Do you know a teen who would like to participate?
Are you a parent and want your child to participate?
Want to be a volunteer for this ministry?

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Roots of Ruth
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 A percentage of your service amount
goes towards
these ministries
throughout the year. If you would like
to make a special donation, To feed
the homeless, to help with teenagers,
purchase bibles,etc. like training and
materials needed.
or to help the
womenn of silent cry to get back on
their feet. Contact us.
The need is

If you would like to volunteer
for any of
these ministries
, which is normally
done on weekends and/or sunday
evenings. Send an email to

Homeless Ministry
Provide meals throughout the year and on holidays to the
disadvantaged and homeless. Christmas presents such as
toiletries, bibles, socks, hats and gloves are provided when
able. To volunteer or provide donation. Contact us

Update 12/14/16
On Nov 26, 2015 Thanksgiving meal was provided. Thanksgiving
2016 We provided a hot Thanksgiving meal
with desserts and
drinks to homeless in the downtown area of Raleigh NC.
volunteers were a great help.
It was a blessing to them and you
could see how thankful they were to see that others care. We fed
30-40 ppl and more needed food, we gave out all we had.
Silent Cry
A ministry that assist women and/or children victims affected
by the devestating effects of dometic violence. We offer
support, resources, and help to those in need.

To learn more visit

We will having a support meeting 12/18/2016
To join us email: